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Are you tired of manually reformatting countless CVs?

Do you wish you could instantly transform them all into a format that you and your clients prefer? Look no further than CV Formatter - the latest innovative software powered by Artificial Intelligence that is set to revolutionize the recruitment process.
With CV Formatter, you can now automatically rewrite and reformat CVs to suit your specific requirements. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually reformatting each CV, and instead, trust our cutting-edge technology to do the work for you. This user-friendly tool allows you to take all your candidate's CVs, anonymize them and present them in a standardized format.

1. Select a CV style:

2. Select a CV to upload:
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  4. Process it

Please allow up to 2 mins for the process to complete.

This product is currently in BETA and under development. We intend to add the following features:
  • Customised Branding recruiters can place their own branding on the outputted CV
  • CV Templates our software will reformat the CV to fit with your prefered CV design
  • Candidate Management store all your candidate CVs in one place and keep multiple CVs for each candiate.
  • CV Rewriting our software will rewrite your CVs to be more consise or more inline with what your clients expect
  • Match a Job with Candidates save hours and don't miss out on your hidden gems

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